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March 13, 2005
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Trees kill.

Real track cuts? Strange.

I was sitting in a parked car in a fairly empty parking lot, a man pulls up next to me, opens his door fast and hits my side, he then gets something out of his car and hits my side again. Old fag. I had the urge to accidentally open my door...

My first picture of a bum fight. These two creatures were fighting over turf. Priceless.

The light is green...but what's this? The intersection is filled with cars. Baltimore is such a great place.


I finally watched Spinal Tap, it was decent.

I'm waiting for “Good Parking”.

The fuzz.

Crunch. (A picture of a car accident.)

No, I didn't see the circus.

So apparently people think the government created AIDS? *Laugh*

This reminded me of a driver's education video. (The video where the cazy old hag kills another man with a crossbow.)

I like seafood.

The Nightwish tour was cancelled, but Sonata Arctica is still coming to the US. The first show of the tour is close by, but I doubt the parents would let me go.

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